Storm Petrel launched and ready to go


The day has finally arrived and I have just enjoyed the last shower etc for quite some time prior to heading down to the marina to slip lines at circa 09:30am this morning. Honestly speaking I am overwhelmed by the amount of emails, texts and calls wishing me well — so my thanks to one and all for that. I am also excited and needless to say apprehensive about this adventure as it will certainly test me to my limits

My plan is to row in the lee of Gran Canaria for two to three days on a heading of 220 degrees in the hope this will give me some shelter from the acceleration zones ( high winds and bigger seas ) which form between the islands  and then start to head on a more Westerly course bearing in mind that there is a massive low pressure system in the North Atlantic which will for sure mean that I am in for some big seas in approx 7 to 10 days time!

Tom has done a great job helping me get Storm Petrel prepared but for sure I will miss his extensive knowledge and companionship this time around — so my thanks to Tom for that.

I sincerely hope to make it across and will look forward to seeing my family  in Antigua upon my arrival — assuming that I do not decide to head down to Barbados if the wind pushes me that far South! One of the benefits in not being part of the organised race

With Kindest regards to one and all

Mike OUT