And the winner is… Roger Purkiss!!

After Mike had had a chance to find his feet, have a decent feed and kip, the prize draw was compiled.  There were 156 potential winners, all of whom had given more than £30 to Macmillan in awe of Mike’s achievement.

The winner was carefully (and randomly) selected and the prize shall be going to Roger Purkiss.  Mike says Roger is a keen ambler, so this prize will be a very fitting one after a day in the hills.


Mike would like to extend a very big thank you to Suzanne & Alan for donating this prize.  Roger, you will have a fabulous stay at Applegarth Villa & Suites!

Mike’s running total is £33,260 and looks like it is still growing.  A very big thank you to everyone who has donated, having spoken with Sarah Tidwell who is the fundraising manager at Macmillan, they are absolutely blown away by how much has been raised.

Cheers, Tom


Final Blog

I can not express my heart felt thanks enough to one and all for all the kind words of support that certainly spurred me on in both the “low moments” of which there  were few and the good times when the Atlantic and weather systems were helping me on my way. It has been a fantastic adventure and one which will live in my  memories for the rest of my life.
Thank you also to one and all for the money raised for the Macmillan nurses. We will reach our target of £30,000 so again a very big thank you for this as it will help families going through some very difficult and emotional times.
I owe two special mentions ~ one to Albert for taking the time to make an absolutely fantastic pork pie complete with a bottle of Coleman’s mustard ~ for a “Southern lass” you really did a great job. Absolutely fantastic and devoured within minutes by us all. And secondly to my good friend and sole mate Tom Salt who has put up with me moaning and groaning every morning for the past 60 days ~ guiding me and coaxing me along with words of encouragement. I certainly couldn’t have done it with you my friend so a big and very personal thank you to you!
So this is Mike OVER and OUT ( which I know is incorrect but just seems appropriate )

Day 58 1/2 – 83 miles to go

Thankfully Mike is through the worst of the conditions and came off sea anchor 18 hours ago and has been rowing ever since.  He’s clocked up 40 miles today and there is still the second half to go!

Passing through the 100 mile barrier today was a huge milestone and with good conditions forecast, he should be off sea anchor for the rest of his voyage (touch wood please).  His welcoming team are 10 deep (with Storm Petrel designed T-Shirts elegantly designed by Mike Davison) and we’re picking up supporters all over the place. Jenny and Anne were recruiting on the plane coming out!

Fantastic messages of support from lots of you, so please keep them coming.

We very much hope that by the time you are all embarking on your Saturday evening plans, Mike should be safely in the arms of his family.

The final push is here 🙂

Day 56 – 8 weeks at sea

Mike is just completing his 8th week at sea, on his own.  He is less than 170 miles from the finish line and going strong.  His tracker has been changed to report his position every 2 hours instead of the normal 4 hours.  I will increase this frequency to every 15 minutes as he closes in on land.

Mike has enjoyed having spent his last Sunday and last Monday at sea (fingers crossed, touch wood), and is in nervous anticipation of the next 48 hours.  The wind is due to back to the NE and build to more than 30 knots.  The sea state will follow, delivering waves of more than 15 feet.  It’s not exactly going to be a gentle ride into Antigua!  Mike has his helmet at the ready and is longing for lunch time on Thursday when the wind is due to reduce and veer to a lovely ENE, with the sea state following suit.  The conditions should then be great for rowing the rest of the way in.

If you have any welcoming messages that you would like Mike to read when he gets in, then feel free to email them over and I’ll make sure they’re there for him to read. Cheers, Tom


The final 10%

For those following the tracker closely, you’ll see that Mike has been making great progress in the last week.  He notched up 47 miles yesterday, so any of you that kindly pledged some money, then please do make this contribution on his justgiving page.  Fantastically, this should bring him very close to the £20,000 raised, if not take him over!

Today, Mike shall be entering the final 10% of his voyage – a huge milestone!  Unfortunately, it isn’t going to be bringing him nicer conditions.  Strong NNE winds and large 4-5m seas coming in on Tuesday will be testing him right to the finish line.  One of his biggest challenges is not to drop south of Antigua.  He’s currently 33 miles north of the southeastern tip of Antigua, and he has been carefully zigzagging on northwesterly and southwesterly courses to maintain this 33 miles, to be used when the strong weather comes in on Tuesday.

After 53 days at sea, the salt sores are intense and level of exhaustion is very high.  Speaking to Mike this morning, Mike is trying not to get excited about the fact that it could be his last Saturday onboard Storm Petrel.  In his eyes it’s not over until he crosses that finish line and with poor weather and almost 300 miles to go, there is far too much to focus on.  The knowledge that his family will be waiting for him in Antigua from Tuesday, is hugely spurring him on.