And the winner is… Roger Purkiss!!

After Mike had had a chance to find his feet, have a decent feed and kip, the prize draw was compiled.  There were 156 potential winners, all of whom had given more than £30 to Macmillan in awe of Mike’s achievement.

The winner was carefully (and randomly) selected and the prize shall be going to Roger Purkiss.  Mike says Roger is a keen ambler, so this prize will be a very fitting one after a day in the hills.


Mike would like to extend a very big thank you to Suzanne & Alan for donating this prize.  Roger, you will have a fabulous stay at Applegarth Villa & Suites!

Mike’s running total is £33,260 and looks like it is still growing.  A very big thank you to everyone who has donated, having spoken with Sarah Tidwell who is the fundraising manager at Macmillan, they are absolutely blown away by how much has been raised.

Cheers, Tom


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