Final Blog

I can not express my heart felt thanks enough to one and all for all the kind words of support that certainly spurred me on in both the “low moments” of which there  were few and the good times when the Atlantic and weather systems were helping me on my way. It has been a fantastic adventure and one which will live in my  memories for the rest of my life.
Thank you also to one and all for the money raised for the Macmillan nurses. We will reach our target of £30,000 so again a very big thank you for this as it will help families going through some very difficult and emotional times.
I owe two special mentions ~ one to Albert for taking the time to make an absolutely fantastic pork pie complete with a bottle of Coleman’s mustard ~ for a “Southern lass” you really did a great job. Absolutely fantastic and devoured within minutes by us all. And secondly to my good friend and sole mate Tom Salt who has put up with me moaning and groaning every morning for the past 60 days ~ guiding me and coaxing me along with words of encouragement. I certainly couldn’t have done it with you my friend so a big and very personal thank you to you!
So this is Mike OVER and OUT ( which I know is incorrect but just seems appropriate )

6 thoughts on “Final Blog”

  1. Congratulations on completing your heroic journey, it seems a long way to go for a pork pie! I bet it tasted good and I think you could probaly benefit from the calories.


  2. Huge congratulations from us all at Macmillan for such a fantastic achievement Mike! Looking forward to meeting you and thanking you personally. With very best wishes. Sarah T


  3. Well done from me too Mike. After to day what will I do with no blog to read, I shall have empty coffee breaks. Have a good rest and enjoy your winding down time. Love to Anne as well bet she needs some winding down time as well. Love to you all George xx


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