First glimpse

Mike is 4 miles from the finish line and going great.


17 thoughts on “First glimpse”

  1. Wow, what a feeling that must be! I am so pleased for you to be almost completing your latest crazy challenge. Is it a crazy to say enjoy the last few miles! Best wishes, Martin H


  2. Great to see you Mike we have missed you. Am very proud…gives me goosebumps when I think of what you have achieved. Enjoy Antigua. X


  3. Great to see you safe Mike.
    Not very maucho but I feel a bit like Becky , goose bumps, fantastic achievement you must feel so pleased after all that effort.


  4. πŸ‘

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    El 11 marΓ§ 2017, a les 13:35, Storm Petrel – Blog va escriure: Storm Petrel Atlantic Row posted: “Mike is 4 miles from the finish line and going great. “


  5. I hope the welcome committee has loud voices .Everyone should know of your achievement as my mum use to say, you need a pancake medal with a treacle string. Welldon Mike,I bet Anne and the girls can heave a sigh of relief. George


  6. Wow what an absolutely amazing man you are Mike. I wish I had your get up and go. It has been fantastic tracking your journey and glad you are safe. Congratulations and i’m only sorry I won’t be around when you are back. Very proud to say ” I know that man who did that” πŸ˜€ Annette x


  7. I can now say I met a man who rowed the Atlantic. Great to meet you and your wonderful family Mike. You and your adventure has been a special part of my holiday in Antigua since I met Anne and Jenny last week on the plane. Thanks Anne for the T shirt and if you are near Clitheroe do call in. Very best wishes and hope you raised lots of money. Mandy Brennan x


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