A few more shots


15 thoughts on “A few more shots”

  1. Well done mike feeling emotional it’s an absolute pleasure to know you. What an amazing achievement! Dave said he’ll see you at work Monday ha ha ha ha xx


    1. Well done Mike that is one hell of an amazing achievement… really nice to see that you are back in one piece… now get that boat up for sale before you have any other bright ideas.


  2. Mike, congrats on your achievement. That is two successful crossing for Maple/Storm Petrel. The boat look greats. I notice you added a few solar panels. Good luck on getting back to normal life!




  3. I am lost or words Mike – so I think the best thing I can do is go down to Robin and have a few beers!!
    Never had any doubt you would complete this amazing challenge, and credit to the boat builders too.
    An amazing 23K plus at moment too – you are legend!!
    Enjoy your time with the gang out there and be good to see you soon.


  4. Great achievement.
    Great blogs- Thank you!
    Hope you have a good recovery in Antigua. Shirley Heights on Sunday evening?…’A few more shots’- indeed!
    Well done Mike, and Well done Tom and the rest of the support team.


  5. Congratulations Mike, that is what I call a well deserved beer! Enjoy a good rest in Antigua with your family. You did it! 👍😊


  6. Welcome back on Earth Mike!!! You looks great with your Santa beard!!! I can’t wait to see you in the office and give you some lessons of Italian opera!! Ciao!!

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