Day 58 1/2 – 83 miles to go

Thankfully Mike is through the worst of the conditions and came off sea anchor 18 hours ago and has been rowing ever since.  He’s clocked up 40 miles today and there is still the second half to go!

Passing through the 100 mile barrier today was a huge milestone and with good conditions forecast, he should be off sea anchor for the rest of his voyage (touch wood please).  His welcoming team are 10 deep (with Storm Petrel designed T-Shirts elegantly designed by Mike Davison) and we’re picking up supporters all over the place. Jenny and Anne were recruiting on the plane coming out!

Fantastic messages of support from lots of you, so please keep them coming.

We very much hope that by the time you are all embarking on your Saturday evening plans, Mike should be safely in the arms of his family.

The final push is here 🙂


9 thoughts on “Day 58 1/2 – 83 miles to go”

  1. I so much wish I could be there to bring you in, Angela and my self in a pedalo with a G&T for you and a pork pie, but were not so heres a whole heartedly well done from the pair of us


  2. I sat with your wife and daughter on the plane and heard about your great adventure. My friends and I have been talking about you and your progress on the tracker ever since. We popped down to Nelson’s Dockyard yesterday in the hope of seeing you row in and met another chap who had won the race and showed us his scars. Your hands will heal after a few weeks! Will hopefully cheer you in tomorrow and make a donation. Keep going not long now and best wishes from Mandy Brennan and the ladies at Blue Shadows X


  3. Mike what a fantastic achievement in awe of your courage and determination, I predicted you would be finished before Sheila and myself run at Silverstone on Sunday and you will be having a well deserved rest while we plod around the F1 circuit, we will be both thinking of you and when we need a boost we will just think of what you have been through and it will spur us on. On our return on Sunday night we will raise a glass and toast your achievement, enjoy a good long rest before your next ‘crazy challenge’ whatever it maybe. Dave & Sheila 🙂


  4. Wish we could be part of the ten deep supporting crowd your and inspiration mike with an amazing wife and daughters. What an emotional reunion this is going to be for you all. Give it some welly mike your almost there balls to the walls and dig deep xxxx


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