Day 56 – 8 weeks at sea

Mike is just completing his 8th week at sea, on his own.  He is less than 170 miles from the finish line and going strong.  His tracker has been changed to report his position every 2 hours instead of the normal 4 hours.  I will increase this frequency to every 15 minutes as he closes in on land.

Mike has enjoyed having spent his last Sunday and last Monday at sea (fingers crossed, touch wood), and is in nervous anticipation of the next 48 hours.  The wind is due to back to the NE and build to more than 30 knots.  The sea state will follow, delivering waves of more than 15 feet.  It’s not exactly going to be a gentle ride into Antigua!  Mike has his helmet at the ready and is longing for lunch time on Thursday when the wind is due to reduce and veer to a lovely ENE, with the sea state following suit.  The conditions should then be great for rowing the rest of the way in.

If you have any welcoming messages that you would like Mike to read when he gets in, then feel free to email them over and I’ll make sure they’re there for him to read. Cheers, Tom



6 thoughts on “Day 56 – 8 weeks at sea”

  1. Mike you deserve a medal as big as a dustbin lid for your achievement, the whole family is as proud as punch of you.Sorry you havn’t been able to communicate I have missed your blog. Here’s power to your shoulders Mike hope the last few days are easier for you. Thinking of you George


  2. My Brave Brother Mike.
    Congratulation dearest brother Mike on rowing the Atlantic Ocean on your very own. We are so incredible proud of you for doing such a magnificent challenge. Mike you make the Burton family very thrilled that you have achieve it by yourself. Well Done Bro! The Macmillan Cancer charity will think of you as a little saint for you dedication for doing it for a worth while cause.
    Dearest Brother Nick he deserve a real massif ‘ Thank you’ too for his thoughtfulness and determination to run our family business whilst you have been away. Lots of love Jo, Mohammed and Genevieve xxx


  3. Mike, You are amazing! We have missed your blogs and want one of the first copies (signed) of your memoirs. Myles and Angela have been following you also. Hopefully they will take this as a life lesson on what one individual can do for so many, the courage, determination, trials a tribulation you have gone through will never be comprehended completely, but if they take away 10% of your life lesson they will be full for many years to come. Congratulations on the completion of your trek! Again Mike you are amazing! All the best my friend you truly deserve that pint or 10!


  4. You should have just passed a lower case ‘a’ and should soon see a lower case ‘u’ which means you almost there!!
    If you see a lower case ‘d’ then your heading to towards the wrong island and you should head south.


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