The final 10%

For those following the tracker closely, you’ll see that Mike has been making great progress in the last week.  He notched up 47 miles yesterday, so any of you that kindly pledged some money, then please do make this contribution on his justgiving page.  Fantastically, this should bring him very close to the £20,000 raised, if not take him over!

Today, Mike shall be entering the final 10% of his voyage – a huge milestone!  Unfortunately, it isn’t going to be bringing him nicer conditions.  Strong NNE winds and large 4-5m seas coming in on Tuesday will be testing him right to the finish line.  One of his biggest challenges is not to drop south of Antigua.  He’s currently 33 miles north of the southeastern tip of Antigua, and he has been carefully zigzagging on northwesterly and southwesterly courses to maintain this 33 miles, to be used when the strong weather comes in on Tuesday.

After 53 days at sea, the salt sores are intense and level of exhaustion is very high.  Speaking to Mike this morning, Mike is trying not to get excited about the fact that it could be his last Saturday onboard Storm Petrel.  In his eyes it’s not over until he crosses that finish line and with poor weather and almost 300 miles to go, there is far too much to focus on.  The knowledge that his family will be waiting for him in Antigua from Tuesday, is hugely spurring him on.



One thought on “The final 10%”

  1. Fantastic progress Mike, the finish line is so close, just wondering what your legs will be like when you finally set foot on solid ground? You’ll be enjoying some well deserved r&r on Sunday whilst we pound round Silverstone, when the going gets tough I’ll just think of what you’ve been through and realise what I’m doing is nothing compared with your courage, mental strength and the pain you have overcome.


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