Day 50 – Comms down, so let’s show our support for his chosen charity instead

Mike is in good spirits, but unfortunately has damaged his comms. At 1030 this morning, whilst Mike was reaching for a mid-morning snack from his cabin, very unexpectedly two very large waves hit Storm Petrel broadside and a large volume of water entered the cabin. His sleeping bag is wet through, and the cabin he has worked so hard to keep dry over the last 4 weeks (since his last deluge) is now as wet as his rowing deck. Probably the biggest blow is that he has damaged his primary satellite phone which enables him to write his blogs and receive all your message of support. Unless he manages to get this dried out, then he will be without this source of support for the remaining 2 weeks of his crossing.

Fortunately, he is in the final 500 miles of his crossing and he has a second satellite phone which means he’s still able to make calls back to home.

Instead of sending messages of support, we are proposing that everyone donates to Macmillan an amount of money per mile that he manages to row in a 24 hour period between 0800 on Friday 3rd and 0800 on Saturday 4th. It should be a good mileage day for him, so there is plenty of incentive for him to pull hard on those oars. Feel free to pledge your amount per mile as a comment on his blog page and we can keep him updated by phone as to what the running total is likely to be per mile before he starts. To give you an idea, his biggest mileage day so far has been 60 miles which he achieved a month ago on the 31st January – 1st February. So please dig deep and cough up as much per mile as you can afford for this wonderful charity. (Della, since this was your idea, Mike feels that you should be donating a minimum of £2 a mile :-))

All donations that total £30 or more will also qualify to be entered into the competition to win a night in a suite at Applegarth in the Lake District –

Mike is absolutely fine, but fed up that he’s lost his main source of comms. The additional salt in the cabin won’t help his salt sores much either!


12 thoughts on “Day 50 – Comms down, so let’s show our support for his chosen charity instead”

  1. Regarding the donation increase over the next couple of days: It is also payday here at ABG (Mike’s work for those of you who don’t know) So i reckon we all need to dig deep… I will happily donate £1.10 mile for Tomorrows mileage… Being that we charge £1.10 a mile to our customers on service visits. Pray to god Mike doesn’t do 60 miles… Becky will kill me.


  2. Mike – £1.50 per mile and all the coffee cups you can tow back from Burton to Bridlington ! I am assuming we can load a container and you can take it via the Trent back up the coast pulling it with SP.
    All the very best I have been watching your progress with awe.
    Dave at Celebration


  3. Every penny helps, so it’s 20p per mile from me – Sarah Tuckwell, Fundraising Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, we are all completely in awe of Mike’s challenge!


  4. Mike you are certainly racking up the miles, my guess is you’ll be finished before we do Silverstone, I managed 75mins for Snake Lane 10 miler on Sunday so happy enough with that, I’ll pledge some cash when I get back home tomorrow. keep up the good work 🙂


  5. That must have been a vicious Marathon….I mean Snickers..
    Don’t worry Mike, Its nothing to be ashamed of; I recon I would have wet my sleeping bag too if a very large wave broadsided me off the coast of Antigua whilst being attached by a snack. .(over board with your naughty choc’y bars!)


  6. Mike, I notice Tom and Becky have calculated you mileage 24 hours early and donated their pledged amount based on that mileage. It has made me laugh so much and ended my day on a high that I will stand on their pledged amount and pay the correct total. We should really make them pay again.
    Keep going strong Mike!! Hell they have made my day – Becky has never done anything early in her life!!!


    1. Glad you find this funny….my relationship is in turmoil here!!! His worries of me killing him are now reality! I’ve been looking for coppers down settee for our 2nd and “true” pledge! No in all serious….it’s all in a good cause and nothing at all compared to what you are doing Mike….and thanks dad for saving my bacon (35 years old and you are still paying the price 😝)


  7. It’s a little late – apologies…but £2 per mile duly donated! That’s me eating beans on toast for the next month! Top Job Mike…..pint and pork pie knees-up also pledged for when you are back! 🙂


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