Comments 28.2.17

Penny – Really nice of you to send a message. Heard our mutts have grown a lot since I last saw them. Looking forward to getting re acquainted with them. Coffee comment noted as I believe in what goes around comes around!!
Helle – Sorry to hear that they lost again? I am not saying anything as I do not know the England result yet?? Anyone out there who does ??
Louise – You even have the poor lad cooking Sunday lunch. He should be sat in the pub having a few scoops.
Don – Stick to the small screen mate. I like to think I am closer than I really am. Looking at my chart plotter it currently shows 531 nm to go. Hoping for some really nice conditions so we can crack the miles in.
Steve – Not sure I am a tough man but be assured I am going to do my very best to arrive in to Antigua and then have a few beers. Thanks for the support.
Mike (wellie) – I will be having a quiet word with Jane about your drinking and lack of exercise when I get home.
He who laughs last ……
Derrick – Be assured I am doing my best to be Vssbyt!
Rob – Absolutely brilliant but this is axsrnt for folk ft
on the West Riding – fondly known as ‘ wessie bastards’ not us more gentile East Yorkshire folk. Thanks for taking the time on these. I will keep them for sure.


One thought on “Comments 28.2.17”

  1. Mike, I notice Tom and Becky have calculated you mileage 24 hours early and donated their pledged amount based on that mileage. It has made me laugh so much and ended my day on a high that I will stand on their pledged amount and pay the correct total. We should really make them pay again.
    Keep going strong Mike!! Hell they have made my day – Becky has never done anything early in her life!!!


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