Day 49

Up at 04:55 and rowing by five past the hour. Slow cold and drizzling so not a good start.
Continued for about another 1.5 hours and decided to sack it and go back to kip for 45minutes. Just nodded off when I hear a clattering which I think is the oars. Have a look and all seems ok – back to me bunk. Clattering starts again so I take better look and find a good sized flying fish flapping around. I eventually grab him and throw him back but these fish really smell so I wash my hands in the sea and back to my bunk. Clatter clatter clatter – back out torch in hand only to find another good sized flying fish which subsequently gets thrown back in. I wash my hands again and am snuggling down when I realise I now have 10 minutes before I need to call Tom!!
Start rowing at 08:15 but whilst the forecast was similar to yesterday nothing else is. The going is slow but I plod on through the day eventually stopping at 20:00 with 25 miles logged. I will get up early tomorrow or through the night to finish off the other 5 miles.
My biggest problem today was holding a good course. What I would have paid for an auto helm??!!! When I steered the boat to close to South I got a good drenching from some short sharp waves still coming up from the SE and when I went to far north I was fully aware I was adding not detracting from our distance to finish.
In the end not a  bad day but hoping for better tomorrow!

Mike out


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