Day 48

I decided to continue rowing last night until 21:00 but still went to sleep very disheartened.
Got up and on the oars for 05:15 this morning, it felt good and by 08:00 I had completed about 8 miles.
Tom confirmed that the weather should be favourable and with that we were off. Just finished up for the day having completed a total of 38nm. Yeeehaaa!
Finally SGTR all the negative thoughts of the last few days we are up and running. Yesterday I felt weak tired and almost disinterested in finishing. Today really pulling on the oars  and not wanting to stop.
We have taken quite a few miles south today as we are expecting the wind to move from the E the ENE and then NE.
Not a lot else to report other than we are now under 600 miles to go and over three quarters of the route completed.
Planning to start again at 05:00 tomorrow as the temperature is just nice and if not cloudy I can enjoy the vista.


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