Day 47 – A tough day

Continued rowing until 22:00 hours with nice temp and good conditions.
Different day same shxt. Was up and on the oars for 05:45 as I wanted a big milage day for numerous reasons. By 08:00 I had managed 2 miles which did not bode well for the rest of the day.
Spoke with Tom and was back rowing by 08:15 but still I have a swell coming from the SE and one from the E, net result is little distance covered. I am so frustrated I cannot put into words how I feel. It is as if the Atlantic does not want me arriving into Antigua any time soon. So I am going to stop at 20:00 tonight and will probably only start rowing again at 8 tomorrow morning.
Sick of driving myself to the limit and then not getting any results.
You guys must all think I am a moaning old bxstard which I am but these last few days have really hit home mentally.
Mike out


3 thoughts on “Day 47 – A tough day”

  1. Thought this might cheer you up: France lost to the Irish yesterday, 19-9! England is playing Italy this afternoon, should be a walk in the park 🙂 (and Scotland ran over Wales 29-13 yesterday, for the first time in 10 years, apparently).


  2. Hi mike. Moan all you like let it all out and then sail on ! This is easy for me to say as I watch England making the game against Italy look hard going oh and whilst dave cooks a Sunday roast…….sorry to drop that in !


  3. Another milestone down. You passed the 3/4 distance completed milestone of 656 NM yesterday! In the home stretch now. Only 5400 furlongs remaining as of 16:00 today.


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