Comments 26.2.17

Paul – Not shaking hands with any one until I have had my first beer. Actually the fingernail bows don’t hurt at all strangely!
Tony – Would be nice if Currie co can make a donation. I am sure they can afford one and David is a big thatching man so maybe this will be of interest.
Flo – My pleasure to hear from you. I have been listening to quite a lot of Italian opera music during my row so I will need you to explain to me what the songs are about. It is only the very popular songs, nothing heavy.
David – Good luck with the run.
Elaine – No I didn’t get a picture sorry. It was about 06:30 am and I was pulling in the sea anchor when this fish decided to stick his head out and have a nosey about what was going on.
Richard – Greetings to you from the Atlantic. Not sure when I will arrive and as you say just taking it day by day. I still have about 600 miles to go. Passport is in hand. Thank you.


One thought on “Comments 26.2.17”

  1. Hi Mike,

    I came across your challenge whilst searching the internet and I’ve been following your blog since. After reading the last few days blog I wondered if I could ask you a question.

    I am very inspired by your ambition, and just wondered what do you find the toughest to manage, physical fatigue or the mental strength?

    I’m sure we all have dreams of grandeur and moments of madness (I ran the London marathon at 40, but not quite comparable to your feat) so it’s great to see someone sticking to their guns and helping a well-deserved charity at the same time.

    Good luck for the rest of the journey!


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