Comments 25.2.17

Dear compo and Nora.
Really nice to hear from you both and I trust all is well. Aunt igor is meeting me upon arrival for some private initiation ceremony. I will let you know how that plays out!!

Hellen. I might have forgotten the coffee but I did get the 6 cases of red wine loaded ok. Remember. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just make sure you have the crucial stuff in hand.
Interestingly there is no peace and quiet on a row boat. The noise of the waves and water etc is always there and done how quite calming.


One thought on “Comments 25.2.17”

  1. Hi Mike, just to let you know, we are all thinking of you (and how truly mad you really are) here in Bessingby, and urging you on with all our hearts!
    Sorry bout the coffee, Anne and I might find time for one this week (not to make you jealous of course!!!)
    Issy and Henry are making Dix’s life a nightmare, but always in a good way and they are almost bigger than her now!!
    Keep working through the pain barrier, and at least your making progress even if it seems “slow motion” at mo!
    Regards, P and the Heppy’s!


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